The Oracle
of Harmonics

The cards you lay on the table will tell you about the exact moment. Keep in mind that there is nothing inevitable, so don’t tell people you’re playing games with, “this is what’s going to happen, it will be like this, and not otherwise.”
The Oracle of Harmonics is a tool for personal development: it will describe a situation and ask the right questions in order to change things if they can be.
So the game will not necessarily be in line with the wishes and desires of those who ask you for a draw; on the contrary, he will question. If such and such a card comes out at such a precise moment, it is because it has something to say, it is because it highlights an issue; it’s up to us to see how to fix it, and if we need to fix it …
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Discover your Harmonics

Harmonic Themes

The system is a complete zodiac. Your complete Harmonic Theme (or Birth Harmonic Theme, THN) contains 10 harmonics, each developed through the 10 elements. It’s the equivalent of an astrological chart.