13 - The Lotus

Get to the point. Unload yourself. Keep it simple, authentic, pure …

Basic needs, food. Purity and authenticity. Nature, the natural, the essential, hygiene, care; quest for truth, roots, fertility. The plant and aquatic world, food.

The glyph rises, it emerges in all verticality; he is fine, discreet but has all the power of a small seed in which the promises of something great and pure will emerge on the surface of the water.

His message is a call back to simplicity, destitution, nature… Harmonic 13 speaks to us of purity but also of purification, of care. The element of water, as the fruitful element of life, presides over the symbolism of the lotus, a sacred, medicinal flower, which takes root in the mud and which rises towards the surface and the light. The Lotus tells us that with a little you can do a lot; he invites us to clean up around us, to get rid of the superfluous, to purify, simplify, clean.

The Lotus, harmonic 13, is the card of care and reminds us of the importance of purify our body, not to weigh it down, to pamper it … like a child.

The questions the Lotus asks

What should I get rid of? Am I thinking of taking care of myself? Do I have a healthy life?


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