12 - The Orient

Gain height, wake up, react

Beginning of cycle, awakening, morning, height, rise, emergence, departure, haste, precocity, displacement. This is the youth and travel card.

The 12th harmonic opens its arms and sends the sun towards the celestial heights: here is the card of the Opening, of the Elevation, of the Vital Elan…

Like the sun which all rises mornings in the Orient, the menu invites you to wake up, take a step back and consider a situation as a whole, globally, seen from above. The hands are raised, the arms open, the « Y » of the glyph channels this force of optimism, acceptance, confidence … The Orient tells you: boost the energy of the start, start a cycle, go to the conquest of the world. His message is also about the Vision of Time: the right time to act is now, immediately. We must not wait or postpone what the impulse of the moment dictates to us …

The East is in action and not in reflection, the East is awake, it knows that there is no past or future but only the eternal flow of the Present; he doesn’t think about yesterday or tomorrow…

Questions from the East 

What should I do right now, without waiting? Can I see the big picture?


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