29 - The New Era

Take flight! Free yourself from all your shackles, create, surprise.

The future, modernity, change, the conquest of the sky, the flight. Freedom, vacations, projects. Imagination, novelty. Dreams and fantasies.

The glyph represents a butterfly with an eye at its center. This eye is the Consciousness of your possibilities and your capacities of transformation.

Come out of the chrysalis and take flight: a new world is offered to you, new possibilities, a vast sky and promising will take you to new lands… You are free! The New Era invites you to create your own life, an unstoppable movement is breaking down barriers and you don’t even have to strain: you feel so light that nothing can stop you. No tension required, no effort to shatter obstacles: you are so high that nothing can reach you. This state is only temporary but it is the necessary breath of fresh air in the progress of your life. No suffocation possible… If this state is not yours now, then it means that you are like a butterfly which has very pretty wings but which does not use them to take flight… Remove the psychological obstacles which are illusory.

Attention, the New Era asks you to be vigilant on one point: this feeling of power, of lightness has its share of dangers, a certain Icarus has burnt his wings to have wanted to approach his dreams too closely, without taking into account the reality that kept him here below… The New Era tells us: live your dreams, make them come true, anything is possible, but don’t dream your life. This harmonic gives you the creative fire of the realization of things, not that of the dissolution of reality …

Questions of the New Era

Am i free What prevents me from being fulfilled, surprising, enthusiastic, original, creative?


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