11 - Lightning

Assert yourself, break the circle

Differentiation. Rupture, difference, unforeseen, unexpected, detachment, rupture, energy, fire. This is the card of change

The lightning is categorical, dense, sharp. It has two points that seem to go in opposite directions, yet these two points feed the same tension, the same energy: that of breaking with what is slowing down and choking, breaking with the past, the umbilical cord. It is also an energy of reconnection because lightning connects the sky and the earth when it strikes.

Its message is: affirm your difference in a dense, strong, effective, fast, unexpected way… Break The circle. Nobody expects you there: and for good reason, lightning strikes when you least expect it. This is his teaching. The truth sometimes bursts forth suddenly, the light shines and dazzles us; what Lightning brings is a reminder of those times when you thought you knew but didn’t know. A great Revealer of the cosmos, Lightning brings a moment of dazzling revelation.

The swiftness that describes it also informs you of impending event, of rapid and unpredictable change. It makes us act on a razor’s edge, at the last moment apparently, at the moment of no return in reality. If the cup is full, empty it before it breaks …

The questions that Lightning poses

What should I detach myself from? Wouldn’t I better act to everyone’s surprise?


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